Sri Sri Sri Nookambica Ammavaru is one of the Nine Shakti forms and popularly known as Sri Anagha Devi in ancient days. After some years in the era of kakatiya kings, the temple was renovated and the same goddess was worshiped with the name “SRI KAKATAMBA”. Daily Pujas and Diparadhanas are performed here. As the kings lost their dynasties the daily pujas and diparadhanas are performed here. As the kings lost their dynasties the daily pujas and other rituals were interrupted and slowly the temple again lost its previous glory. This town ie, Anakapalli is named after Anagha devi.


It is believed that the creator of this whole universe was Sri Shakti Ammavaru and it took place in the time period from Palguna Bahula Amavasya (the new moon day) to April(new moon day). This period will be treated as the holy period any many rituals and pujas will be performed to Sri Nookambica Ammavaru here. Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday are considered auspicious days for performing puja to Sri Nookambika Ammavaru.The devotees firmly believe that the diety always protects those who have firm faith in her and worship her. They firmly believe that diseases such as chicken pox and measles etc, are miraculously cured in the grace of Sri Nookambica Ammavaru. Many devotees named their children after the diety is Sri Nookambica Ammavaru with reverence and diety.Every day several devotees visit the temple and especially on all auspious days i.e Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays innumerable devotees visit the temple to have the blessings oF the diety. They offer special poojas on these days and other festival days. People from all directions come here during these days and some of them stay on the premises of the temple per a day. They prepare food of their own and invites their relatives and friends duly arranging good food for them in a festival mood.

Aarati Timings
Balabhoga Nivedyam 6:30 am
All Darsanams from 6:30 a.m.
Dhoop 6:30 pm
Shej 8:00 pm